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The Aramaic Lord's at Montferrier, France

Thursday evening, 27th April -1st May 2017

Col de la Lauze, 09300 Montferrier in the Pyrénees, France

We would like to invite you to join us as we take the opportunity to explore ourselves and this Prayer that uses words attributed to Jesus in the language that he spoke. 

We will use body prayers and body awareness practices, walking meditations, breath and sound practices, chanting, Dances of Universal Peace, moving meditation.  

Together, as Jesus guided us, we will   experience   “when two or more are gathered in my Name, I Am there among them”, using words in Aramaic, the sounds of power, that Jesus gave to us in the form of this prayer and other sayings. 

We will use a form of the prayer as an individual practice that we can use in our daily lives, as well as dancing the prayer cycle using simple movements, chanting the words, accompanied by guitar.

This can allow us to experience this practical prayer of renewal in new ways that can help us transform ourselves and our lives.

All are welcome. 

What to bring:

  • You might like to bring a shawl or blanket for the sitting practice, possibly a meditation stool or cushion
  • A journal to use writing and drawing to deepen your experience

Staying at Col de la Lauze in the Pyrénees

We are delighted to be able to gather together in such a place of beauty.  The land and all of nature will be a great resource and support to us as we come into our own natural rhythm, in tune with the rhythms of the Earth and the Cosmos.  You are welcome to arrive from 4pm onwards on Thurs 27th April, supper will be at 6pm, with our evening session at 7.30pm.  We will finish at 4pm on  Monday 1st May.

19 guests can stay in dormitory rooms. Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow.  We will be 1000m above sea level, in the mountains, plan warm clothing !


Retreat : 120€

Meals (organic, lactose and gluten free – all catered for) : 15€ / person / day (total 60€)

Venue : by donation

Limited spaces, booking is essential .  

Please send a cheque for 60€ as a deposit (cashed 2 weeks before the retreat.)

Notes for travellers from the UK 

The easiest airport to fly to would be Carcassonne. There are probably coaches going from Carcassonne to Lavelanet, where our hosts would pick people up. Otherwise it is possible to fly to Toulouse and then go to Foix by train, then by coach to Lavelanet. If people manage to arrive at the same time, it might be possible to pick people up from the airport. That would need to be organised in advance! Some people are interested in the history of the Cathars....Dominque Asherah says, "Yes indeed, we are right in the land of the cathars, with Montségur 15mn from our place, and well visible from our home. Col de la Lauze was most probably a road taken by cathars from Foix to Montségur in order to avoid the big cities and ways"

Please contact: Dominique Asherah Boyer dommb1@gmail.com

Tel no: or