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The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus

For many years we have gathered in this part of Wales as the Solstice and Christmas, to share the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic.  You are welcome to join us on Saturday 5th December and take this opportunity to enter into the atmosphere and energy of Jesus, Yeshua as a native teacher from the Middle East. Using the Prayer, sometimes known as the Lord's Prayer, we will focus on our relationships to ourselves, each other, all of nature and the sacred. The power of the words in the language Jesus spoke, Aramaic, can touch our hearts today, opening us to our own experience ,just as we are, helping to illuminate our way at this darkest time in the years cycle.

We will share some of the body prayers that Neil Douglas-Klotz offers to take us further into our own experience of this profound and practical prayer of renewal. We will do this from
10.30 - 12.00

We will also chant and sing this prayer using simple meditative movements in a second session, 1.30 - 3.00

No previous experience necessary, all welcome, croeso i bawb.

Please bring cushions or anything you feel comfortable sitting on as well as a shawl or blanket for the sitting practice.  You might also like to have a small piece of bread available and some grape juice for the afternoon session.

At this time of year especially it is lovely to gift all donations. You can donate via PayPal https://paypal.me/sandrasunfire?locale.x=en_GB

For further information about the Aramaic Prayer and the work of Neil Douglas Klotz visit : https://abwoon.org/