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Ancient Names of the Sacred

We will gather on zoom throughout the turning of the year at the Solstices, Equinoxes and cross quarters.  You are welcome to join this gathering and any of those in the future you can make but naturally you will receive more from attuning to all the different points throughout the whole cycle.  As we enter the darker phase of the wheel of the year bring your attention to what it is that you are receiving from the darkness.  Please distil this into one word, or an image or object to share as an offering.

We will weave story, meditations and body prayer, Walks and Dances, guided by the Native Middle Eastern/ Western Asian Cycle composed by Neil Douglas-Klotz & Kamae Amrapali Miller. Using sacred phrases reconstructed from the Old Canaanite, Old Hebrew, Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian languages, we can dedicate ourselves to a reconnection with and embodiment of the deep feminine as expressed by the sacred names of power of our ancient ancestors .  We seek to resound again with some of the most Ancient Names of the Sacred, touching some of the most ancient parts of ourselves.  The Goddess, the Great Goddess was known by peoples all around the world.  When we remember Her we also reconnect with all who have gone before us and we can be touched by the wisdom that has been revealed for over 4000 years in the human heart.  Re-membering, re-connecting, re-newing with roots in the past we can grow into our future with love and respect for all life.

Time: 6.30pm UK, 8.30pm Latvija & Israel

Winter Solstice:  Monday, 21st December

Imbolc:  Monday, 1st February

Spring Equinox:  Saturday, 20th March

Beltane:  Saturday, 1st May

Summer Solstice: Monday,  21st June

Lammas:  Sunday, 1st August

Autumnal Equinox:  Wednesday, 22nd September

You are welcome to invite friends who may be interested in joining us but please don't put anything on social media or websites about this offering.

Donations would be appreciated and gratefully received. You can donate easily by clicking this link  https://paypal.me/sandrasunfire?locale.x=en_GB