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The Sufi Ruhaniat International is the Sufi Order founded by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (who also began teaching Dances of Universal Peace) shortly before he died in 1971. The Ruhaniat is composed of sincere mureeds (formally initiated students) who tread the Path of Initiation and Discipleship , seeking the truth of the Inner Life through personal practice and direct experience—just as the disciples of Christ , Buddha , the Divine Mother , Mohammed , and other Illuminated Souls, known and unknown, have done through the ages.

Bowl of Saki
Inspirational wisdom from the Grandfather of the Dances, Pia Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, lovingly assembled and sent out across the world daily by Wahiduddin.

Geoff and Sandra have been invited to the Latvian Network Camp 2009 by our wonderful Latvian friends.

The International Network for the Dances of universal Peace is the coordinating hub that links the many dance circles worldwide

We are a national network of supporters of the Dances of Universal Peace, affiliated to the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace

For information on this wonderful international camp of dance and sacred song.

'Invitation to the Dance' (video will open in a new window)
Video introduction to the dances of Universal Peace by Sky Majida. It includes It includes a history of the Dances, interviews with Dancers and dance and music clips. With thanks to Sky Majida for producing the video and enabling us to use the link.